Osborne warns lenders would raise mortgage rates if UK leaves EU

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Osborne warns of Brexit cost as leading economies raise concerns. He warned that mortgage rates could increase if Britain quits the EU and said economic activity in Britain is already suffering.

There are fears that low interest rates could push banks to increase their funding of risky investments in search for yields.. mortgages and other interest-bearing assets.. mainly due to the.

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 · Claims that values of homes and costs of mortgages could be hit if Britain leaves the European Union (EU) have been dismissed by a Liverpool property expert. Chancellor George Osborne, who is in support of remaining in the EU when the referendum takes place on 23 June, made the suggestion during an ITV interview by Robert Peston.

Osborne warns of interest rate rise Posted on January 8, 2016 by Stephen Little in News with 0 Comments George Osborne said on Thursday that UK interest rates will rise at some point as he warned that Britain faced a dangerous "cocktail of new threats from around the world."

Chancellor George Osborne said the country’s home-owners could face higher borrowing costs if voters decide to leave the European Union in a referendum in June, building on his warnings against a so-called Brexit. "The Bank of England is independent and it makes its decisions on interest rates

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Mortgage rates: Brexit could see repayments SLASHED for millions of homeowners due to THIS MORTGAGE RATES could be affected by Brexit and repayments may even go down, Martin Lewis, money saving.

Bank of England keeps rates on hold amid low inflation and weak wage growth. Osborne warns of eurozone risks to UK.. Data from the Council of Mortgage Lenders on Thursday showed mortgage.

'Brexit' referendum: Osborne outlines budget squeeze if UK leaves EU  · In the event of an economic crash or a worst-case scenario Brexit, he warns: “Mortgage finance could get harder to get hold of and/or interest rates could go up, which would mean that people.

The Chancellor says Treasury analysis has found that UK tax receipts would be 36bn-a-year lower after 15 years if Britain votes to leave the EU. George Osborne and several other Cabinet ministers made the case for remaining in the EU by claiming what the cost of various alternatives would be for the UK.

Slicing more than 5 per cent off the current rate. the UK’s fiscal credibility to shore up the economy following the shock referendum vote. Mr Osborne, who had threatened tax and spending cuts.